simply sash: Consultancy Services

We offer an independent UK wide consultancy service where we can assess the needs of sash windows on behalf of individuals or corporate clients

  • know that they are judging tender applications on a like for like basis
  • Have a clear benchmark for quality assurance
  • A sash cord is broken
  • Be sure to satisfy Local Authority Conservation department requirements for your area
  • have up to date information on current practice about thermal improvements of single glazed windows
  • have consistent material specification

We provide a schedule of works with an indicative costing for all interventions to sash windows.

This service enables commissioners, including architects, builders, corporate bodies and landlords to have a window by window assessment of a window’s need.

In addition, we can simplify the tendering process as we provide exact descriptions of the type of interventions we think appropriate this enables clients to enable clients to

For consultancy services ring:
(01242) 649131
(0800) 093 2848

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