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We have been servicing, draught proofing and renovating sash windows in Cheltenham, Gloucester and the surrounding area for over 25 years.

The majority of our work is in Regency and Victorian houses, many of which are Grade II listed.
Your sash windows are 100 to 150 years old and are made of timbers that are no longer available.
Thus we want to retain as much as physically possible and limit the use of fillers that will work free in a relatively short time.

Working to conservation principles, we devise individual work schedules for each of your windows, aiming to do as little as necessary to make them structurally sound, functional and draught-free, whilst preserving their historic character and heritage.

We keep our overheads to an absolute minimum, so we can focus on providing cost-effective quality services, without extra expenses that add nothing to the value of your home, office or rental property.

Our team of carpenters are fully experienced and specifically trained to carry out the individual repair programme for each of your windows.

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